CBD Evolve’s Ten Commandments* of networking

CBD Evolve owes much of its success to our “Givers Gain” approach.  How does this work for us? We find that the following ten commandments of networking work us:

Thou shalt:

  1. Thou shalt drop the “what is in it for me?” attitude
  2. Thou shalt listen
  3. Thou shalt build a relationship
  4. Thou shalt give the first referral
  5. Thou shalt not tell others of the referral you require; thou shalt “show them” with a story
  6. Thou shalt be specific of the type of referral
  7. Thou shalt reciprocate when appropriate
  8. Thou shalt participate in the network executive, functions and network time
  9. Thou shalt thank the person who gave a referral
  10. Thou shalt follow up on the referral within 24 hours

There is a Miller Heiman Group principle called the Valid Business Reason, which states:

  • Satisfy the WIIFM for someone else to network with you
  • Do that and you will be invited to be a valued member of other networks
  • That has to be the measure of the most reverent networkers.

Download your own copy of the CBD Evolve’s Ten Commandments* of networking.

*Source: Mark McGregor, Speaking of Hearts

It’s this sort of approach that has seen our group write $209,000 in closed business referred among our members in the last WEEK alone! Come along to a meeting and find out how it all works for yourself – and for the future growth of your business.  Click here for details and to book your ticket to one of our upcoming breakfast meetings.