Fine Tuning Your Referral Requests

Referral marketing is one of the most effective ways of building a business. When referrals are given trust is conferred quickly and conversion to business becomes a lot higher than other forms of marketing.

So why is it that we find it hard to ask for a referral from our clients or prospects? We’re reluctant out of the fear of looking needy, pushy and ultimately jeapordising our relationship with the client.

The reason that this fear exists is because of the improper way we tend to ask for the referral. Most business owners will ask for a referral from their perspective as if asking for a favour. Or, when asking for a referral for a colleague we’re looking to help them and this becomes transparent.

The key to becoming a referral magnet is to learn to identify needs by asking the right questions and then framing the referral request as a benefit to the client – rather than a benefit to you or your colleague.

By asking the right questions and framing the referral request in a way that helps them solve their business problems we become better referrers to other members in the group.

The Sales/Marketing Power Group in BNI CBD Evolve has just finished a questionnaire matrix for all the members so we know how to look for leads and better refer each other. I want to put out a challenge to the other power groups in BNI Evolve. Get together and with your members and come up with your own questionnaire matrix – a list of questions that your colleagues can ask to better identify opportunities.

By asking the right questions and by positioning our referral request in a way that benefits the client we attract more business for ourselves and become better referrers for our colleagues.