Miller Heiman on Buying Influences

Performance in sales across the world has been deteriorating over the past five years and in a world full of complexity it can be very helpful to simplify thinking around the sales process.

Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling Methodology* was produced over 30 years ago and is used by millions of salespeople globally as a consistently applied process using a common language across a saes organisation.

The methodology states that there are only four Buying Influences is a complex (i.e. multiple decision makers) B2B sale.

Buying Influence Basis for Decisions Outlook
Economic Buyer Authority for financial decision Organisation-wide, multi-year, financial results. E.g. C-suite
Technical Buyer Fit for purpose. Screen out or in based on specifications Specification focused, governance and technical, legal etc. perspective. E.g. Procurement
User Buyer User of the product or service Personal value created to their performance or responsibilities
Coach Genuine belief of “fit” and best value of product or service to their organisation Assistance in navigating buying process and organisational needs

In understanding these roles the salesperson can create value through meaningful discussion based on the needs of each member of the buying organisation.

In today’s complex buying and selling environments, simplifying the sales process by understanding the needs and engaging with each Buying Influence will differentiate the selling organisation, accelerate the buy/sell process and achieve win/win for each organisation.

Phil Hunt
Hunt Consultants Pty Ltd
Building Competitive Advantage

Miller Heiman Group, Strategic Selling , Heiman Steven E, 1998