Pain & Referrals

Pleasure vs Pain

At a fundamental level customers buy either from pleasure or from pain. The stronger, more acute the pain, the more likely you are to be able to offer them a compelling solution. And, more broadly, it’s better to have a pain business than a pleasure business. There’s more longevity in running a pain solving business.

Pain = Needs

Often times, sales people and business people use Customer Pain as a synonym for Customer needs. It can often times seem cynical when we talk about soothing the customer’s pains by selling them this gadget or that item of clothing. But at the heart of it what it highlights to us is that customers are people and they view the world through their prism of the experiences, biases and challenges. And because they’re so close to the problem they often times can’t see a solution to the problem.

BNI Member = Problem Solver

BNI CBD Evolve is a networking group that is full experts in their respective fields. A group of individuals that are seen as trusted advisors by their clients, friends and colleagues. What an awesome power to have to be looked to by your contacts for advise and direction. And when it comes to business pain there’s no one better positioned to be able to see it than each of us. We’re close enough to identify the pain but professional enough to be objective.

solutions and referrals in a networking group


How to Identify the Pain

When we know each other’s businesses as well as we do it’s very easy to get overenthusiastic about trying to introduce each other to our clients/contacts. We walk in and just start talking at the slightest cues, regurgitating each other’s spiels – this is the “Tell and Sell” approach. The better approach is to start an open conversation about your client’s business. Asking open ended questions allows your contact to talk about themselves and their businesses and the challenges they’re facing. By asking followup questions you get to paint a picture of their pain and puts you in a better position to put forward one of your BNI CBD Evolve colleagues as a potential solution to their problem.

open questions in a networking group

Pain Point Exercise

As an exercise, identify a major client that you work with, list their 3 major pain points, the open questions you would ask them to get more information and the best colleagues that you could introduce to them that could provide a solution.

Paint Points Exercise in a Networking Group

By identifying pain points and common challenges with our clients and asking the right questions we’ll be able to give better, more qualified referrals to our colleagues and partners.