Success & Visibility

Being a business owner is one of the loneliest jobs and in a crowded market place it’s easy to feel invisible. The only way to make yourself known is to make yourself visible. How can you do this? Attend meetings. Visibility through attendance is part of what makes BNI so successful. Building trust and profitability all start with visibility.


What You Miss When You don’t Show Up

Woody Allen said that 80% of life is showing up. Now this is commonly misquoted as “90% of success is showing up”, but hey, that wouldn’t be an outrageous statement to make. Attendance is the first step to building relationships and we have to understand that it’s all about perception. Other members of a networking group need to see that you are serious about building relationships. If your attendance is poor then you miss out on building trust with them and consequently getting and giving referrals.




Dr Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI ran a study on chapter in the US that wanted to disprove that attendance was directly related to referrals. In their first quarter of this study they pushed the absence down by 52% and as a result their membership increased by 29%. In the second quarter their absence went down by 71% which resulted in an increase of 50% in new members and 62% more referrals.

How to Increase Visibility

You can increase your visibility by having one to ones with other members and with visitors. Organise events that you can invite your colleagues to or attend regular events held by your group. Organise and run your power groups to maximise the ways you can help each other. The old adage is that you need to make contact with customer 5-12 times before they can trust you enough to buy from you. The parallel to a networking group like BNI is that people need to see you, interact with you and meet with you that many times for them to trust you enough to refer you. And at the end of the day if you can’t attend a meeting you can send a substitute.

BNI’s Attendance Policy

BNI allows members to have 3 absences every 6 months and when you send a substitute to represent your business it doesn’t count as an absence. We’re lucky to be part of a referral group like BNI CBD Evolve because it’s an environment that shortcuts the trust building process. A referral from another member is worth 100 cold calls so let’s be present and actively working to promote each other’s business.

Visiblity is the First Step to Success