The Value of Providing a Perspective to Clients & Prospects

In a Survey of 700+ B2B Buyers responsible for $3.1 billion in annual purchases, the Rain Group identified the following Top 7 Attributes Separating Winners from Second-place Finishers.

  1. Educated me with new ideas or perspectives
  2. Collaborated with me
  3. Persuaded me that we would achieve results
  4. Listened to me
  5. Understood my needs
  6. Helped me avoid potential pitfalls
  7. Crafted a compelling solution

Basically, the successful people collaborated with their client or prospect by using their knowledge and experience to help them see a solution that was better than what they had and available from their competition.

We know that Buyers make decisions very differently in the 21st Century:

  • They are better informed, or at least feel that way
  • More People Involved
  • More Formalised Process
  • More politics
  • No room for mistakes

Forrester research identifies that B2B buyers believe only 8% of salespersons are focused on driving a “valuable” end result for the buyer.

Expert product or service knowledge is expected, as is a high level of knowledge on customer needs.

Providing a perspective helps a client or prospect see their world through your eyes. Examples include:

  • Use of data – to project the impact of your product or service on their world
  • Telling stories – especially where relevant to the client’s current and desired position
  • Relevant experience from other industries
  • Client analogies on what they achieved
  • Identifying potential obstacles or issues
  • Helping them think about what their boss or other colleagues might think

The research mentioned covered large corporates so obviously it depends on each of our businesses.

Using our experience and insights to provide a perspective however is possibly an under-utilised resource that with a bit of planning could be a very effective differentiator.

Phil Hunt – Building a competitive advantage
Hunt Consultants